In the realm of technology, ensuring devices can withstand varying conditions and perform optimally is paramount. At GOSPACE LABS, we’re deeply committed to rigorous environmental and safety testing, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed industry standards. Let’s journey into the meticulous world of our testing services and understand their significance.

1. Development and Lab Testing

At GOSPACE LABS, the journey of hardware and software development begins in the controlled environment of our lab. Here, we take a client’s concept—often based on an existing device—and tailor it to their specific requirements. This initial phase is all about development: we test hypotheses, tweak designs, and program the new device, ensuring it meets the client’s vision and needs.

2. Harsh Environmental Conditions Testing

Once the device has been developed, we move to field testing, where it’s subjected to the conditions it’s designed for. Our experience with the European Space Agency (ESA) informs our rigorous testing protocols. We ensure our devices can endure extreme conditions, applying the same stringent criteria to every product, whether it’s destined for space or terrestrial applications. This phase is crucial for validating the device’s performance in its intended environment.

3. In -Process Testing

After a product has passed development and environmental testing, it enters the in-process testing phase on our assembly line. This is where we confirm the integrity of every component and process. From the precision of 3D printing to the quality of ultrasonic welding, we scrutinize every step to guarantee the device functions flawlessly before it reaches the client. This comprehensive approach to testing at every stage is what ensures the reliability and quality of our devices.

The world of environmental and safety resting is intricate, demanding, and absolutely vital. At GOSPACE LABS, we’re not just meeting the challenge; we’re setting the benchmark. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every product we craft is a testament to resilience, innovation, and unparalleled performance.

Step into a world where technology meets tenacity, and where challenges are transformed into milestones.